About Urban Yogis

We redefine the yoga experience for anyone looking for an edge through a personalized, authentic and immersive environment beyond the studio setting.


It’s a collaboration! After 5 years of Urban Yogis operating under Wellness Collective Pte. Ltd. – an entity run solely by Kathy Gabriel, Urban Yogis has now officially incorporated as an independent entity as of May 2019 with Julie Moksim joining as co-director.

Urban Yogis was born out of the shared idea that yoga experiences are defined by the community of people who gather together for a class, a workshop, a retreat, or informally for a chat in a coffee shop or a park. Yoga can experienced anywhere, with freedom, beyond the culture and walls of a yoga studio.

We’re redefining the yoga experience for anyone looking for an edge through a personalised, authentic and immersive environment beyond the studio setting. We plan to grow Urban Yogis into a truly global community, giving you access to high quality teachers from around the world, in locations that will allow you to experience the whole practice of yoga.





Pop Up Yoga was set up with the idea of building a community for likeminded individuals and with the firm belief that yoga should be inclusive and accessible to everyone! For the love of health and wellness, Pop Up Yoga is an approach to give people more opportunities to explore this beautiful practice. The first in Singapore, Pop Up Yoga is an initiative, a movement, to allow more in the same community to meet, inspire and sustain each other in the path to leading a healthier and happier lifestyle. Pop Up Classes are 60-minutes long and Pop Up Community Workshops are 90-minutes long, with specific focus on various aspects of yoga.

We’ll be practicing yoga in all sort of funky places on the island. Think parks, open public spaces, hidden rooftops, beaches, restaurants, yachts and many more. It’s also a fun way to explore our city too! Classes and community workshops will be taught by various teachers from diverse yoga backgrounds, so you have the opportunity to receive the benefits of the different approaches to yoga practice.



We want to share as much yoga as we can with you, and because it’s impossible to do that in a short class setting, we offer workshops as a way of sharing our knowledge, passion and experience. These workshops range from a few hours to multiple sessions over several days, and cover topics from philosophy to breathing, to anatomy and therapeutics. They are designed to engage you, to fire up your interest and your passion for yoga, to have fun and to meet other like-minded people. Taking your practice to the next level requires careful delivery of information and a space for open-minded discussion. We offer the space to do just that.


Not your average yoga retreat! 

We put in all of our heart, soul, and intellect into crafting retreat experiences that will impact your yoga practice and your life in ways that are lasting. Carefully tailored programmes that offer a perfect balance between relaxation, practice, and learning will transform you into a much more informed and inspired yogi. Our retreats are held all over the globe, and we are constantly adding new locations. Retreats are held by several teachers from around the globe. Our students range from beginners to teachers, from the healthy to those with physical limitations, from the young to the gracefully-aging, and from the office worker to the professional athlete. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you will find something for you. You will find a place of belonging amongst strangers from all walks of life.



No. We are not a yoga studio. We are a community yoga initiative as well as a global yoga collective. We offer classes, workshops, and retreats just like any yoga studio would, without being limited to a particular location or culture. Our teachers and students are based in Singapore and around the world. We are at the forefront of a new way of sharing, teaching, and learning about yoga without the limitations of ownership. 

Urban Yogis Pte. Ltd. is a legal entity based in Singapore, and we receive payments in Singapore dollars. Our experiences however, are held in Singapore and around the world. In Singapore, classes and workshops are held at the Botanic Gardens, MBS Boardwalk, the Lawn at Marina Bay, Sentosa and Lululemon on Duxton Road. Our retreats are held in Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. We are continuously adding new locations to all of our offerings, along with an online academy coming soon. Please continue to check in with us. 

The reasons are endless, but here are a few. Because we are not a yoga studio, we are not limited by the needs of ownership. This means that our time is spent more on creating customized content for YOU. This allows us to offer higher quality classes, workshops and retreats in which you will experience yoga through a more holistic approach.

We also believe in taking  yoga outdoors. Yoga postures and philosophy were inspired by landscapes and forces of nature. Many people spend a large part of their day indoors, surrounded by walls. Why not take your yoga practice outside and experience greater freedom. 

Finally, the early practitioners of yoga shared their experiences anywhere they could, in forests, in caves, in parks, and in homes. This fosters an environment for genuine experimentation and exchange. Anyone could join. Anyone belonged. We welcome everyone from young to old, from poor to wealthy, from healthy to sick, from all walks of life. There is something for everyone. 

No, we don’t offer membership packages. Our classes and community workshops are competitively priced so that you have the option to join whenever you want, without commitment. All of our experiences (except Yoga by the Beach) require pre-registration and payment in advance, but no memberships are taken. Yoga by the Beach is FREE! Drop in without pre-registration. Bring your own mat!

No we are not a third party vendor for any of our experiences. All of our teachers, classes, workshops and retreats are handpicked and carefully curated to the highest quality. We are not a yoga resale platform. 

We are always open to expanding our team. However, please note that you may be required to join some of our proprietary training programmes. This may not immediately qualify you to teach although you may be offered the opportunity for some non-teaching involvement as part of the community. E-mail us to inquire.