Planning Your Yoga Retreat


Traveling to Mala Dhara Eco REsort

You can opt to arrive around lunch time as lunch will be provided on the first day. Otherwise, ensure that you arrive before 5.30 pm on DAY 1 to give you ample time to settle in.

If you are arriving at the Chiang Mai International Airport before 11 am on the first day of the retreat we will be providing taxi service to the resort.
Otherwise, for arrivals after 11 am, we do not provide transport but you can contact Mala Dhara directly to arrange for it or book a GRAB via the mobile application.

Airport transfer from Resort on the last day of the retreat is offered to those who are leaving after 3.30 p.m.


  • Pack light but know that it is very hot in Thailand. So expect to wash your clothes during your stay. Please bring easy-to-wash and quick drying clothes
  • Please use natural products. We are staying in an eco resort that is very mindful of the effects of chemicals and we know you are too!
  • Sunscreen
  • Swim wear for swimming and herbal steam night
  • Your own water bottle
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • 1 Fleece/ Shawl / Cover-up – ideal for flight, chilly evenings or covering up should you visit any temples
  • Ladies: Pads/ Tampons / Diva Cup. Female products are not common in some area
Dear friends and community, it wasn’t an easy decision to arrive to but alas, with so many changes happening to the world, reevaluations of 2022 and many decisions to make for the new year, we have decided to close Urban Yogis for now. It’s been quite a ride from our humble beginnings in 2013 from a basic pop up group in the Botanic Gardens to a vibrant collective of like-minded yogis invested in their health, connection and nature. It’s bittersweet for us to reminisce the good old times, especially during our pivot through the pandemic. We appreciate everyone who stuck by us through it all - changes to protocols, swabbing, check-ins, safe distancing - you name it! What a time! We’ve grown so much through it and have seen so many of you grow with us as well. There truly is a community of you, so willing to adapt with us through bad weather and ridiculous Covid-measures. For that, we are so grateful. Thank you for supporting us and for being our life-line during an unexpected time of our journey. At the root of Urban Yogis is learning and growing through the spirit of Yoga and Wellness. From immersive experiences like workshops and retreats, our mission was to help people find joy in self-inquiry and practice. We know that you will continue to do so and that makes our journey so worthwhile knowing that we played a small part in that too. Thank you for seeing us, believing us and showing up. We look forward to crossing paths with you in different ways. You can always reach out to Julie (IG: @julieyogatravel), Kathy (IG: @kathygabriel__) and the wonderful teaching team at Urban Yogis independently. For those of you who would like to share the last practice with us, we still have Suntec classes running through January 2023.
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