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Biomechanics of Breath is a a 3 part course series going in depth into anatomy, breathing mechanics and how to use the breath to deepen your mind-body connection and power up your life. This course is neither a pranayama technique tutorial nor a nitty gritty delivery of text book information. This course is made up of 3 lectures and many experiential exercises that will cover a lot of ground and is great for anyone looking to use the breath more powerfully or teach it to their clients. Expect to walk away with a strong biomechanical and anatomical foundation of the breath, understand the physiological changes in your body during breathing and also how your nervous system is involved in this entire process.

Whether you’re a movement teacher like yoga or pilates or even a bodyworker, this course will serve as a powerful tool for self-discovery and healing but also expand your tool kit when dealing with clients with chronic pain, trauma or disassociation.

Each segment includes many experiential exercises which can be thought of as body awareness meditations or techniques to help you integrate these learnings. These exercises are included as part of the lectures but you can also access them separately outside of it but is best to do only after the lecture has been completed. These can also be used as lesson building tools or inquiry exercises to be shared with your own audience. Each lecture also comes with the full slide deck you may wish to print out for note taking purposes. Whether you’re looking to understand your own breathing pattern, improve your capacity or nervous system, or even just to release tension and pain in the shoulders or diaphragm, this course is perfect for you.

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Chapter 1: Anatomy & Breathing Mechanics (Time play inclusive of exercises: 1h12m)

Chapter 2: Diaphragms & Posture (Time play inclusive of exercises: 1h12m)

Chapter 3: Variability & Resilience Building through out Nervous System (Time play inclusive of exercises: 43m)

Course Objectives

    • Build a stronger foundation in Anatomy and Biomechanics of Breathing beyond what is covered in standard YTT (Yoga Teacher Trainings)
    • Evaluate some myths about breathing, movement patterns and how breath is used and cued in the context of a yoga class
    • Learn about how breathing affects our whole body especially our nervous system
    • Study whole body dynamics (Structures, Tissues, Fluids) and access the intelligence of your body systems
    • Develop a strong repertoire of breathing techniques and somatic exercises for pain management
    • Develop strong mind-body connection with yourself and fine tune your skills as a practitioner
    • Expand the notion health, learn to find your optimal breath pattern for your practice and every day life

This course includes:

    • Over 200 minutes of on-demand videos
    • Lifetime access
    • Lectures
    • Short experiential exercises

About the course instructor:

Kathy is a founder and co-director of Urban Yogis. Her training background includes Thai Massage, Reiki, STOTT Pilates, Structural Integration by Anatomy Trains, and she is now in the midst of completing her Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training with Body Intelligence. To learn more about Kathy, visit our About page.