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Seven guided breath and relaxation meditations. Listen to the soothing voice of Tess Hynes as she takes you through seven short daily practices. These guided meditations are designed as a sleep aid or as a short reprieve from a hectic day. Each meditation is 10 minutes in length. Use them when you need that deep mental and emotional rinse and release. Tess’s calming voice is like easing into a warm bath and feeling all of your muscles willingly surrender, allowing everything that was held to be liberated and to be expressed.

The meditations are varied. Some are guided breath exercises, others are a journey of consciousness. We recommend using a set of headphones or listening through speakers rather than directly off of your computer or phone audio for greater depth in sound experience. What is different about this series compared to other guided meditations is that you have the opportunity to practice traditional pranayama or yogic breathing techniques in a way that is relaxing and accessible. You get a chance to experience and enjoy these breathing techniques. They exist for our health, but can often be difficult to follow. With Tess as your guide you will not only get a clarity in instruction, but you get to experience the real nature of these practices.

You have access to the meditations for a 3-month period. Especially with the breath-focused meditations, this 3-month period will allow you to work on building your breath and lung capacity, as well as improving your lung health. Let these meditations be a regular part of your wellness routine.

Course objectives:

    • Introduction to various yoga breathing techniques, presented in a way that is accessible to all
    • Learn breathing techniques and eventually use it on your own, independently of this course
    • Meditations to build mindfulness
    • Short practices that can be followed to build a daily meditation practice
    • A sleep or calming aid
    • Use it to take a pause during your day

This course includes:

    • 7 short, 20-minute breath and mindfulness meditation guidance
    • Lifetime access

About the course instructor:

Tess Hynes is based in Australia yet has taught in various locations around the world. She began her yoga teaching journey in 2011 after studying her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali. She has completed numerous yogic studies since, including 200hrs of Yin Yoga. The still and deep practice of Yin Yoga has become her passion. Tess values a practice that invites pranayama and meditation as critical tools to cultivating self awareness and shifting energy beyond the asana practice in the physical, emotional and mental realms.