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Monthly webinars hosted by Urban Yogis, created to offer a platform for open-minded discussion, exploration and inquiry. We’re breaking out of classroom-setting discussions about yoga to expand into thought-provoking communications that we hope you will be a part of. We’d like to engage you in a platform for intelligent exchange through topics that are not typically consumable in a regular class or workshop environment.

JANUARY: The Power of Mind-Body Integration

Upcoming Webinar: ONE MONTH USER ACCESS from 30th January to 27th February 

Especially during these times, it’s crucial for us to maintain emotional balance, mental clarity and build resilience. This webinar, Kathy Gabriel will be touching on MIND-BODY Integration – what this actually means and the various scientifically validated tools for improving your health, managing stress and anxiety – which we need now more than ever. Dive into the science of heart rate variability, heart-brain coherence and techniques to create optimal states where your heart, brain and body are aligned to create intuitive and transformative outcomes in your life.