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FREE bi-monthly webinars hosted by Urban Yogis, created to offer a platform for open-minded discussion, exploration and inquiry. We’re breaking out of classroom-setting discussions about yoga to expand into thought-provoking communications that we hope you will be a part of. We’d like to engage you in a platform for intelligent exchange through topics that are not typically consumable in a regular class or workshop environment.


1.0 Technique vs. Expression: Finding the Sweet Spot in Your Practice

Upcoming Webinar: Sunday May 24, 4pm – 5pm; Replay Monday May 25, 4am – 5am (4pm EST)

Create your own yoga masterpiece. Our world values success based on what we can see on the outside; on material wealth, on how clever or talented someone is, on external beauty. Yoga has not been spared from this superficial collection of things, and we see this through a fierce appetite for deeper backbends, complex variations in twists, and more demand for classes on inversions. While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with collecting a repertoire of technique, what is often missing is a corresponding focus on the “yoga” itself; on self-realization, self-expression, present-centered focus and connection both within and without. Julie takes you on a thought-provoking discussion of technique and expression and presents a view that without the spiritual side of the practice, we are simply musicians who have learnt how to play an instrument, who have perhaps mastered the musical scales, but will never take part in the real masterpiece. Technique and expression are two sides to creating your own yoga masterpiece (30-minute Webinar followed by 30-minute Q&A on IG live).


1.0 Building Reservoirs of Resilience

Upcoming Webinar: June 7th, 4pm – 5pm; Replay Monday June 8, 4am – 5am (4pm EST)

What if there was already a  powerful tool for regulating your actions, thoughts, and emotions in times of stress? What if it was already in your possession or that it was innate for all of us?  In this webinar, explore the intelligence of the body, how it regulates and how the breath is our ultimate resource for developing resilience to daily stress. Kathy will be sharing how simple strategies or tiny tweaks in your life can lead to big changes and build resilience to weather through life’s ups and downs.

2.0 Regulating your Nervous System

Upcoming Webinar: June 21st, 4pm – 5pm; Replay Monday June 21, 4am – 5am (4pm EST)

In this webinar you will get to learn about our autonomic nervous system and its branches, and more importantly why it’s the most effective tool in the management of stress and challenges. This webinar will also look at Polyvagal Theory and how it informs us of the adaptive function of these shifts in autonomic state and helps us understand the emergent emotional feelings, behaviours, and personal narratives that accompany these physiological changes. We often thing that stress is bad but in actuality it is essential to survival. On top of that it’s also a key part of many positive feelings we experience such as excitement. Stress can also improve mental and physical performance and even boost immune systems. Unfortunately,  too much chronic and uncontrollable stress can have negative consequences for both physical and mental health. Kathy will guide you through an informative webinar that touches on the neuroscience of stress and learn the know hows of your nervous system so that you can better self-regulate and reduce the onset of problematic symptoms.