Webinar: Technique vs. Expression (Sunday May 24)


Viewing for this webinar took place on May 24. Read about the highlights of this webinar on Urban Yogis Journal: Technique vs. Expression – Webinar Follow Up.

Technique vs. Expression: Finding the Sweet Spot in Your Practice

Create your own yoga masterpiece. Our world values success based on what we can see on the outside; on material wealth, on how clever or talented someone is, on external beauty. Yoga has not been spared from this superficial collection of things, and we see this through a fierce appetite for deeper backbends, complex variations in twists, and more demand for classes on inversions. While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with collecting a repertoire of technique, what is often missing is a corresponding focus on the “yoga” itself; on self-realization, self-expression, present-centered focus and connection both within and without. Julie takes you on a thought-provoking discussion of technique and expression and presents a view that without the spiritual side of the practice, we are simply musicians who have learnt how to play an instrument, who have perhaps mastered the musical scales, but will never take part in the real masterpiece. Technique and expression are two sides to creating your own yoga masterpiece (30-minute Webinar followed by 30-minute Q&A on IG live).