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This is a recorded workshop that took place on August 29, 2020. You are purchasing the recording of this event and the session notes. 

This workshop is  for anyone who is curious about how the power of singing bowls. Particularly, how sound and vibration can help to build a meditation practice, improve mental clarity, boost energy levels, work with chronic pain and ailments and manage stress levels. The content of this workshop has been adapted to fit the current COVID situation and will be streamed online instead. You do not need a singing bowl to attend this workshop. In fact, this workshop can be a fundamental walkthrough of all the different things to be considered before you purchase a bowl or take up a sound therapy training.

Who this course is for:

    • People with metal or crystal singing bowls who would like to learn how to play correctly and easily
    • Beginners looking to understand the fundamentals of singing bowls as healing or meditative tools
    • People looking to select and purchase the singing bowl that resonates with them but not know where to start
    • People looking to calm their mind-chatter and find their presence and clarity in this busy world
    • People looking to manage stress or chronic ailments through the power of sound
    • People who have any questions about sound, sound bowls, sound therapy but don’t know who or where to direct their questions

Course objectives:

    • The history and science behind sound healing and meditation with singing bowls
    • Power of singing bowls, how sound and vibration can affect your mind and body
    • Purpose of group sound baths and how to reap the most benefits from it
    • How do mallet and bowl sizes matter
    • Learn and observe special characteristics or frequencies of metals and crystal bowls to help you choose the right one for you
    • Everything you need to know before selecting and purchasing your bowl
    • How to use sound personally to find presence, manage stress and work with pain
    • How to aura cleanse, clear space or experience “active listening” to focus a busy brain
    • Interactive Q&A

This course includes:

    • Workshop Recording
    • Lifetime access
    • Session Notes (Short E-Manual)

About the course instructor:

Kathy Gabriel Urban YogisKathy Gabriel is a Yoga teacher, Craniosacral Therapist & Bodyworker licensed under Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists (PACT). Although yoga and complementary health was always in her family, she only picked up yoga as teenager during a period of spiritual seeking. She initially sought out Buddhism and meditation out in order to process her grief. Through the years, her understanding of health and wellness began to expand and it was through a holistic practice, she learned how to found solace, ease and balance to move through the different seasons of life. She is deeply passionate about sharing this practice with others, helping them navigate their own journey through the belief that all that one ever needs lies within. To learn more about Kathy, visit our About page.

Dear friends and community, it wasn’t an easy decision to arrive to but alas, with so many changes happening to the world, reevaluations of 2022 and many decisions to make for the new year, we have decided to close Urban Yogis for now. It’s been quite a ride from our humble beginnings in 2013 from a basic pop up group in the Botanic Gardens to a vibrant collective of like-minded yogis invested in their health, connection and nature. It’s bittersweet for us to reminisce the good old times, especially during our pivot through the pandemic. We appreciate everyone who stuck by us through it all - changes to protocols, swabbing, check-ins, safe distancing - you name it! What a time! We’ve grown so much through it and have seen so many of you grow with us as well. There truly is a community of you, so willing to adapt with us through bad weather and ridiculous Covid-measures. For that, we are so grateful. Thank you for supporting us and for being our life-line during an unexpected time of our journey. At the root of Urban Yogis is learning and growing through the spirit of Yoga and Wellness. From immersive experiences like workshops and retreats, our mission was to help people find joy in self-inquiry and practice. We know that you will continue to do so and that makes our journey so worthwhile knowing that we played a small part in that too. Thank you for seeing us, believing us and showing up. We look forward to crossing paths with you in different ways. You can always reach out to Julie (IG: @julieyogatravel), Kathy (IG: @kathygabriel__) and the wonderful teaching team at Urban Yogis independently. For those of you who would like to share the last practice with us, we still have Suntec classes running through January 2023.
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