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The 28-day self-practice series is a creative guidance towards building a daily practice. Often when people intend to start a regular practice, the mistake is in setting unrealistic goals. Generally, because yoga classes tend to be a minimum of an hour, we perceive that to be a reasonable starting point. Baby steps guys! I always recommend starting small. It doesn’t have to be a whole hour everyday and it doesn’t have to be a full practice. A little grounding, a little breathing, some simple stretches and a few rounds of sun salutation each day can really make a difference. It takes around a month to build a habit. Including 20 to 30 minutes of movement and meditation are good, realistic steps towards building this habit. Don’t be hard on yourself. If you only have 10 minutes, just practice for those 10 minutes instead of writing the practice off entirely for the day.

This 28-day course is designed to be creative and engaging, while giving you options to take modifications and variations. The flows are steady, to allow you to follow the sequences with greater ease. Upon enrollment, the first seven lessons will be made available. Practice the lessons day by day in order. After the first week, the next week’s sequences will be made available. The lessons are released in this way until the final week.

While we intend for you to do these practices everyday over 28 days, we will offer this course with 3 months access. This will allow you to continue your practice the following months, cycling through the same sequences or maybe even combining sequences for a longer daily practice.

This course is recommended for anyone that enjoys variations in movement and is intending to start a daily led practice or a daily self-practice. Also great for yoga teachers looking for ideas to vary up their sequences.

Course objectives:

    • Build a complete daily practice by using these short sequences to guide through a full-body practice with short breathing and meditation segments
    • For those looking to create a self-practice, this course offers creative sequences to offer you sequencing ideas and help to keep your practice varied and interesting
    • For teachers looking for accessible sequencing ideas that are fun and engaging
    • Intended for a continuous 28-day practice, but can be spaced out over a longer period of time. We recommend completing the course at most within a 3-month time frame

This course includes:

    • Over 800 minutes of on-demand videos
    • Lifetime access
    • Short flow practices
    • Yin and restorative sequences
    • Short breathing exercises at the start of each lesson

About the course instructor:

Julie Moksim Urban Yogis

Julie Moksim is co-founder of Urban Yogis. She is Singaporean by birth but a global citizen by lifestyle. Julie began her yoga journey in Boston in 2003. Today she runs Urban Yogis and a Yoga Cooperative in Laos called Luang Prabang Yoga. For more information about Julie, visit our About page.