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Back pain is a common ailment for many – especially for those who have sedentary jobs. As such there is a growing need for an effective non-drug relief or preventative care against chronic back pain. This series has been meticulously put together for anyone with back issues – such as general pain and strain, herniations or disc bulges, hyperkyphosis or lordosis, arthritis, sciatica, scoliosis, sacroiliac-joint problems, or spondylolisthesis; those who want to prevent future problems or flare ups. These practice sessions have a restorative element so it is also appropriate for anyone recovering from an existing injury or battling with anxiety surrounding back pain. The restorative sequences are meant to down-regulate your nervous system to bring about more ease and comfort throughout your day. Use this series to explore healthier movement patterns for your back, build strength and improve flexibility needed to restore a healthy back. The series has been curated in a way where the videos are under 30 mins so that they are easy to consume on a daily basis and one that allows you to return and review the sessions as and when you need extra care or relief. 

Course objectives:

    • Safe poses to stretch, tone and strengthen the key muscles to prevent and relieve back pain
    • Build confidence and awareness of the body for pain management
    • How to use the breath and rhythm to release tension and gradually increase spinal mobility
    • Learn how to heal your back and practice yoga safely after strain
    • How to use restorative practices to manage your nervous system, anxiety or pain
    • Enhance core awareness and strengthen deep muscles of the spine through the stabilisation exercises

This course includes:

    • 4 practice sessions (under 30 mins)
    • Lifetime access
    • Short, effective sequences targeting the back
    • Restorative practices to soothe the nervous system

About the course instructor:

Kathy Gabriel Urban Yogis

Kathy is a founder and co-director of Urban Yogis. Her training background includes Thai Massage, Reiki, STOTT Pilates, Structural Integration by Anatomy Trains, and she is now in the midst of completing her Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training with Body Intelligence. To learn more about Kathy, visit our About page.