Difference between Yoga Retreats and Holidays

Why Going on Yoga Retreats Can Be So Life-changing

For some of us, going on holiday can be extremely exhausting, especially when we’re battling FOMO (the fear of missing out) and trying to ensure that we see and do everything possible. Other times, a holiday means more junk food, alcohol, less exercise and an inconsistent schedule. By the end of one, you may feel more drained and totally unprepared to go back to reality. This is why going on a yoga retreat can be so life changing and there is a difference between a yoga retreat and a holiday.

Yoga Retreats are not the same as holidays

A yoga retreat is not the same as a yoga holiday. It combines gorgeous destinations and activities that actually restore life’s balance. Yes, you get to go away and relax but in a way that supports your physical, mental and spiritual health. A well thought-out yoga retreat is designed with a focus on learning and reflection, a place for you to question your beliefs, to uncover the illusions in your life and really get to know yourself better. The best yoga retreat often includes regular yoga, meditation, and sometimes workshops and additional immersive programmes to keep you engaged throughout your stay. On top of that, you are provided with healthy, balanced meals which can help kickstart healthier eating habits even when you return home. Yoga retreats are all about creating and leaning on a supportive community. Expect to make new friends with lasting bonds as you connect with people who are not only like-minded with the intention of self-growth and development but also looking to connect with you more deeply. Aside from new friends, at the end of your yoga retreat, you are guaranteed to walk away with an entire toolbox of ways to improve your well-being and cope with daily stressors in life.

Yoga Retreats are about doing less, being more

There is just a huge difference between a yoga retreat and a holiday. Even the word itself tells us that it’s all about stepping back, going inwards, and allowing yourself the treat of time out. The best yoga retreats are focused on simply being. With Urban Yogis Yoga Retreats, you are getting more out of your well-deserved break; you are getting more than a typical yoga holiday. In fact, you are encouraged to leave the outside world behind, step away from all stresses and drains on your time and energy, and instead put your focus on doing less and being more. And it is in the being, when you will gain clarity, uncover a deeper truth, and possibly even find the answers you’ve been searching for.

Before you decide on a yoga holiday or a yoga retreat, take a moment to consider your intentions? Your deepest desires. What are you seeking? What do you really need? You don’t want to be stuck in an ashram if you’re going to feel trapped and bored, and you don’t want to be at a hotel in a busy city with other people if you’re looking to retreat and look within.

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