Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of questions people ask us a lot. Feel free to send us your own, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


No. We are not a yoga studio. We are a community yoga initiative as well as a global yoga collective. We offer classes, workshops, and retreats just like any yoga studio would, without being limited to a particular location or culture. Our teachers and students are based in Singapore and around the world. We are at the forefront of a new way of sharing, teaching, and learning about yoga without the limitations of ownership. 

Urban Yogis Pte. Ltd. is a legal entity based in Singapore, and we receive payments in Singapore dollars. Our experiences however, are held in Singapore and around the world. In Singapore, classes and workshops are held at the Botanic Gardens, MBS Boardwalk, the Lawn at Marina Bay, Sentosa and Lululemon on Duxton Road. Our retreats are held in Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. We are continuously adding new locations to all of our offerings, along with an online academy coming soon. Please continue to check in with us. 

The reasons are endless, but here are a few. Because we are not a yoga studio, we are not limited by the needs of ownership. This means that our time is spent more on creating customized content for YOU. This allows us to offer higher quality classes, workshops and retreats in which you will experience yoga through a more holistic approach.

We also believe in taking  yoga outdoors. Yoga postures and philosophy were inspired by landscapes and forces of nature. Many people spend a large part of their day indoors, surrounded by walls. Why not take your yoga practice outside and experience greater freedom. 

Finally, the early practitioners of yoga shared their experiences anywhere they could, in forests, in caves, in parks, and in homes. This fosters an environment for genuine experimentation and exchange. Anyone could join. Anyone belonged. We welcome everyone from young to old, from poor to wealthy, from healthy to sick, from all walks of life. There is something for everyone. 

No, we don’t offer membership packages. Our classes and community workshops are competitively priced so that you have the option to join whenever you want, without commitment. 

No we are not a third party vendor for any of our experiences. All of our teachers, classes, workshops and retreats are handpicked and carefully curated to the highest quality. We are not a yoga resale platform. 

We are always open to expanding our team. However, please note that you may be required to join some of our proprietary training programmes. This may not immediately qualify you to teach although you may be offered the opportunity for some non-teaching involvement as part of the community. E-mail us to inquire.  


A Yoga mat, a bottle of water and a smile! You can even come with a friend or two. Kindly note they will need to sign up too.

Our classes are held at various locations around Singapore including the Botanic Gardens, MBS Boardwalk, Bedok Reservoir, outdoor decks at Robertson Quay and Sentosa Island. We also run special events with our F&B partners  around Singapore. We are always adding new locations to our offerings, so keep checking our website for new and exciting events. 

We accept credit card, PayPal transfers and direct bank transfers. We do not accept cash on the spot. 

If you would like to cancel a pop up class or workshop, please make sure to contact us at least 12 hours in advance to receive a refund or make up a class on another date. It should show up in your account within a week or so. If not, please contact us directly. 
*As a result of Covid, our cancellation policy has been modified. Please visit the individual class pages to view our temporary policy, which remains in place while class sizes are still limited due to social distancing requirements.
Due to nature of certain places, there may not be a wet-weather alternative! Expect last-minute cancellations if the weather conditions are bad (rain, thunder etc). In case of a class cancellation,  your teacher will contact you by text message one hour before class time. You will receive an email the following day to help you reschedule your ticket to another class (based on availability). Unless you hear from us however, always assume that class is happening.
Urban Yogis is always looking to collaborate with teachers all over the island. Sharing the love for teaching is an essential part in this growing community. All of our current teachers were previous students who have attended our classes, workshops or retreats. If you are interested in teaching with us, we highly suggest joining our community as a student first as we do like to select our teachers from members of our community.
We are currently looking for teachers who are able to teach occasional weekday classes at 6pm. If you’re interested, drop us a message and we’ll get in touch with you soon! 


Spaces are limited on the retreat and we would like to offer these limited spaces to students who can participate entirely in the retreat. If you can participate only for a portion of the dates, you can check in with us a week before the retreat starts. If there are still spots available, we may consider your partial participation. However, in general we do not encourage this as we prefer the whole group to start and end together.  

If you have have a partner that you are traveling with, there is an option to have them stay at the resort with you. Please inquire with us via e-mail. 

Yes we get a lot of beginners, and occasionally people who have never done yoga before. The general level on the retreat is always mixed, ranging from novices to advanced practitioners and teachers. The group sizes are small (no larger than 15 people) and our teachers are highly trained to manage the range of experience of all the participants

Yes, we can cater to all kinds of dietary requirements and allergies. If you have a severe peanut allergy or celiac disease however, we cannot guarantee that there won’t be some small level of cross-contamination. 

There is no babysitter at the resort and unless you come with someone else who can take care of your children, we do not recommend attending. Furthermore, we cannot offer additional bungalows to non-participating guests, which means that your family must stay in one bungalow and additional charges may apply for extra beds. Please also consider that other participants may be looking for a quiet and introspective experience and that your children will be your responsibility in our efforts to maintain this environment.

Yes, you can stay extra nights at the resort before or after the retreat. The booking must be made directly with the resort. Let them know that you are joining the retreat so that they can do their best to book you into the same room that you will be staying in during the retreat (depending on room availability).

We do not offer retreats outside of the dates that are specified on our website. Occasionally we may be able to do a custom retreat, but this will require a minimum of 10 participants. Please inquire directly via e-mail.

Yes, off course it is! We welcome everyone of all levels of experience and fitness. Please inquire directly by e-mail. We can advise you as to which retreats may be better suited to your needs. 


We would be happy to be interviewed by you. We believe that our model is the future of yoga. We are at the forefront of a new and more inclusive way of sharing the practice and we’re happy to talk about it. 

We would be happy to be interviewed by you. We believe that our model is the future of yoga. We are at the forefront of a new and more inclusive way of sharing the practice and we’re happy to talk about it. 

We are interested in supporting local and international brands that align with our philosophy. Send us a message.

We are always looking to expand the locations in which we offer our experiences. Send us a message. 
Dear friends and community, it wasn’t an easy decision to arrive to but alas, with so many changes happening to the world, reevaluations of 2022 and many decisions to make for the new year, we have decided to close Urban Yogis for now. It’s been quite a ride from our humble beginnings in 2013 from a basic pop up group in the Botanic Gardens to a vibrant collective of like-minded yogis invested in their health, connection and nature. It’s bittersweet for us to reminisce the good old times, especially during our pivot through the pandemic. We appreciate everyone who stuck by us through it all - changes to protocols, swabbing, check-ins, safe distancing - you name it! What a time! We’ve grown so much through it and have seen so many of you grow with us as well. There truly is a community of you, so willing to adapt with us through bad weather and ridiculous Covid-measures. For that, we are so grateful. Thank you for supporting us and for being our life-line during an unexpected time of our journey. At the root of Urban Yogis is learning and growing through the spirit of Yoga and Wellness. From immersive experiences like workshops and retreats, our mission was to help people find joy in self-inquiry and practice. We know that you will continue to do so and that makes our journey so worthwhile knowing that we played a small part in that too. Thank you for seeing us, believing us and showing up. We look forward to crossing paths with you in different ways. You can always reach out to Julie (IG: @julieyogatravel), Kathy (IG: @kathygabriel__) and the wonderful teaching team at Urban Yogis independently. For those of you who would like to share the last practice with us, we still have Suntec classes running through January 2023.
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