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Nervous System Polyvagal Theory Yoga Webinar

Yoga Webinar: Regulating Your Nervous System

Follow Up: Yoga Webinar on Nervous System In our webinar on the topic of Resilience, I shared about how important it is to understand the meaning of co-regulation and nervous system management. How does one cultivate a more empowered relationship with our

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What is Pranayama Yoga Journal by Urban Yogis

What is the Practice of Pranayama?

The practice of Pranayama dates back to ancient India and the origins of yoga. The Sanskrit word Pranayama can be broken down into Prana, which is often known as life or energy, and  Ayama, which means to extend or draw out. Pranayama

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Full Moon Eclipse Yoga Journal Urban Yogis

The Meaning Of A Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon Eclipse Special: The Story of Ganesh There’s a story about Ganesh and how the moon got its big crater.  As the story goes, Ganesh was walking home from a big party where he overate and fell then everything around him

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Inhale Exhale Yoga Writing Urban Yogis Journal Page Yoga Education Resources

Exhale The Old, Inhale The New

“We Need To Exhale In Order To Inhale” I first heard that line during my Yin teacher training, and I was blown away. It was one of those moments where something so simple felt so profound. It was exactly what my anxious

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