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Yoga, Reflections and the Art of Imperfection

Masterpieces are often moulded out of a reflective journey that is imperfect A few years ago, I was introduced to yoga by a close friend of mine. She, an intermediate practitioner, and I, a beginner, attended a multi-level Hatha yoga class together

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Yoga and Anxiety

How Yoga Helped me Cope with my COVID-19 Anxiety

Urban Yogis instructor, Madeline Phang, shares her personal story Almost a year since Singapore exited Circuit Breaker and things were looking up, I stopped keeping up with the number of COVID-19 cases. I had accustomed myself to, and became comfortable with, the

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Nervous System Polyvagal Theory Yoga Webinar

Yoga Webinar: Regulating Your Nervous System

Follow Up: Yoga Webinar on Nervous System In our webinar on the topic of Resilience, I shared about how important it is to understand the meaning of co-regulation and nervous system management. How does one cultivate a more empowered relationship with our

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The Biomechanics of Wellbeing

Yoga Webinar: Practice Smarter Than Your Habits

Follow Up: Yoga Webinar with Gernot Huber We interviewed Gernot Huber as part of a launch for his Yoga Anatomy Toolkit Course on Urban Yogis Academy. Gernot offered insight into a perspective of yoga and wellbeing that is slowly being embraced, although

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