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Yoga Webinar: Building Reservoirs of Resilience Kathy Gabriel Yoga Online Academy

Yoga Webinar: Building Reservoirs of Resilience

Follow Up: Yoga Webinar on Resilience This month’s topic with Urban Yogis has been all about Resilience. We kicked off this topic with one of our FREE bi-monthly webinars tilted “Building Reservoirs of Resilience” last Sunday, 7th June. If you missed it,

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Yoga is and isn’t about the poses.

Reflection: Is Yoga All About the Poses?

Yoga Is and Isn’t About the Poses. Sounds Contradictory? Maybe. For the last couple months, I’ve been diving deeper into different parts of the yoga practice. But I found myself stuck in this loop of – “yoga is more than the poses.”As

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Breathing and the Biomechanics of Breath

Breathing: A Powerful Practice On Its Own

How is Breathing Central to Your Health and Well Being? We typically discount the importance of the breath in our daily lives. In reading this article, I would like to invite you to experience how central the breath is to your health.

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How do we keep our knees safe in yoga

Keeping your Knees Safe in Yoga

How to Build a Yoga Practice That Supports Knee Safety and Longevity of Our Body Looking at Our Knee Anatomy Keeping your knees safe is important but challenging, because the knee joints, despite their size, are rather fragile joints. One main reason

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Pranayama: Why “Breath Control” Is Not the Best Translation. Pranayama course online academy by Urban Yogis

Pranayama Isn’t Always About Breath Control

How Can We Practice Pranayama or Breathing Without Limiting Its Benefits Pranayama, one of the core practices of yoga, is often translated as “control of life force” or “breath control”. This is so because ‘prana’ means life force or breath, and ‘yama’

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