Biomechanics of Breath Course




Power of Breath is a 3 part course going in depth into anatomy, breathing mechanics and how to use the breath to deepen your mind-body connection and power up your life. This course is neither a pranayama technique tutorial nor a nitty gritty delivery of text book information. This course covers a lot of ground. Expect to walk away with a strong biomechanical foundation of the breath, understand the physiological changes in your body during breathing and also how your nervous system is involved in this entire process.

Whether you’re a movement teacher like yoga or pilates or even a body worker, this course will serve as a powerful tool for self-discovery and healing but also expand your tool kit when dealing with clients with chronic pain, trauma or disassociation.

Each segment includes many experiential exercises which can be thought of as body awareness meditations or techniques to help you integrate these learnings. Whether you’re looking to understand your own breathing pattern, improve your capacity or nervous system, or even just to release tension and pain in the shoulders or diaphragm, this course is perfect for you.

Course Chapters:

Part 1: Anatomy and Breathing Mechanics
Part 2: Diaphragms and Posture
Part 3: Heart Rate Variability, Building resilience through our nervous system