Ever felt lost in a yoga class trying to figure out a particular arm balance, inversion or tricky transition? Ever wished you had the proper explanation and breakdown of instructions on how to get into these poses and enjoy the fluid transitions in a vinyasa class? This Essential How-To Guide has everything you need from tutorials, pose breakdowns, targeted postures and short progressive flow sequencing with the most common arm balances, inversions and transitions. There are 20 videos included in this course. All of them are very popular transitions and postures you find in a yoga class, from foundational arm balances like crow to advanced positions such as handstands, forearm stands or funky crow hybrids. Each lesson is no more than 20 mins long and breaks down a specific pose step-by-step, giving you all the alignment and technique tips to help you eventually achieve the postures at your own pace and ability. Purchase this tutorial library and get to practice these poses and transitions over and over until you feel confident and successfully master them.

About the course instructor:

Roxanne Gan Singapore Yoga Girl Yoga Teacher

Roxanne is a renowned Singaporean Yoga instructor and founder of ZOI YOGA. She has been teaching since 2011, and through her teaching and Yoga content on social media, she has inspired her people to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle through Yoga in today’s fast-paced society. She specialises in arm balances and inversions, focusing on techniques and alignment, breaking poses down step-by-step. What keeps her going is seeing how students progress with her classes.