Webinar: Key Lessons from Covid for Yoga Businesses




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FREE bi-monthly webinars hosted by Urban Yogis, created to offer a platform for open-minded discussion, exploration and inquiry. We’re breaking out of classroom-setting discussions about yoga to expand into thought-provoking communications that we hope you will be a part of. We’d like to engage you in a platform for intelligent exchange through topics that are not typically consumable in a regular class or workshop environment.

Upcoming Webinar: Sunday July 19th, 4pm – 5pm; Replay Monday July 20th, 4am – 5am

Key Lessons from Covid for Yoga Businesses

The toll that Covid has taken on the economy is massive. From job losses to business closures across all industries, most of us are having to re-evaluate how we do things. A close look at how events unfolded in the global yoga industry, clearly reveals our desperate fight for survival. At the start of Covid, the yoga world eagerly offered the one beneficial thing it had to the rest of humanity, our practice of self-care, with teachers throwing free online classes out to anyone and everyone as a lifeline. Quickly, it became clear that we too need a lifeline. And so it began, that reactionary human instinct to try whatever we had to do to stay afloat. We watched from the corner of our eyes what everyone else was doing. Some, we applauded, some we tried ourselves, some we let be. This webinar is a sharing of some of the major lessons we learned during this time of Covid that we offer as advice, inspiration, and solidarity to anyone out there who has chosen Yoga as a trade. We hope to hear your voices as well in the IG Live Q&A following the webinar viewing (30-minute Webinar followed by 30-minute Q&A on IG live).