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Master Arm Balances with Eddy Toyonaga with short tutorials and fun progressive flows to help you integrate your learning.

Yoga for Back Care, Back Pain Relief, Back Health

A restorative and therapeutic practice for back pain or recovery. Sequences are breath-focused, core-aware and deeply restful.

Hip & Pelvis Anatomy and Biomechanics

Learn the Essentials of Hip & Pelvis Anatomy and Biomechanics for better movement and health.

The Biomechanics of Wellbeing Online Yoga Course

Technical framework and evidence-based guidance into greater physical and mental wellbeing in yoga practice

Singing Bowl and Sound Therapy Fundamentals

Fundamental Course - everything you need to know about Sound Therapy & Singing Bowls

Backbending Course Backbends with Jeremy Heng

Learn how to prepare the body for the backbends, find length and ease without compressing the lower back.

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Insights into over 15 years of business experience in the world of yoga. In depth guide on growing yours

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Build strength in core and glutes so that you can better perform your yoga postures or gym exercises.

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In-depth course on anatomy, breathing mechanics and how to use the breath to deepen your mind-body connection.


The Integrated Vinyasa Sequences. Available only upon completion of the Integrated Vinyasa Series Course

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This course is the ultimate guide for breaking down simple to advanced movements in the smallest details

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This course is a creative daily guidance for anyone looking to start a regular led or self-practice. Breath, stretch, flow

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Guided meditation. Listen to the soothing voice of Tess Hynes as she takes you through seven short daily practices.

Roxanne Gan Singapore Yoga Girl Yoga Teacher

Essential Yoga tutorials, pose breakdowns, short progressive flow sequencing for popular arm balances, inversions and transitions...

Headstand Tutorial: How to headstand with control. Integrated Vinyasa

Take the guesswork out of your inversions. A five-lesson pack of our best live stream classes focused on inverting with control

Urban Yogis Online Yoga Discovery Course Pack

Dip your feet into our Discovery Course Pack that mixes 5 of our best course offerings online. Guided support for your practice.



Urban Yogis Academy is a professional online learning platform for anyone looking for quality content that is specially curated and inspired by the yoga practice. Find content that is suitable for various levels, styles, duration and body types. Through our Online Yoga Academy you can now connect and grow with our global community of like-minded yogis. Accessed through the comfort and safety of your own home.

For Urban Yogis Online Yoga Academy, there is a strict no refund policy for all our courses after purchase has been made.

No, we don’t offer yoga membership packages for the moment. Once you purchase the specific yoga course on Online Yoga Academy, you will be able to use your login details to access the course within our website.

All courses listed on Urban Yogis Academy are packaged as videos on demand. They are accessed directly on our website for your viewing through the comfort and safety of your own home.

Once you have registered or paid for your session, ensure you are logged in before you access the session directly within our platform from the course page and lessons listed within each yoga course.

Some of the courses on Urban Yogis Online Academy have limited time access to encourage you to complete the course at a given amount of time. Each course has been curated thus structured in a way that in order for you to receive the maximum benefit and integration of knowledge and practice, a longer time frame of completion will not be possible. 

But of course, we understand life commitments and changes may result in the inability to finish the course on time so we do allow time extensions on course access on a case by case basis. Please reach out to us directly if you’re looking to extend your access. 

We are always open to expanding our team. However, please note that you may be required to join some of our proprietary training programmes. This may not immediately qualify you to teach although you may be offered the opportunity for some non-teaching involvement as part of the community. E-mail us to inquire.